Street Work Training

This is a practical training day for practitioners new to street work or those who are planning new projects. exploring all the stages of quality street work, from assessing young peoples needs through to making contact and enthusing young people to get involved on to evaluating the effectiveness of work done and exit strategies.

This session also offers some good practice guidelines for effective detached youth work projects and looks at issues for workers including safety on the streets and effective partnership work.

This session is packed with ideas that practitioners can use to engage young people in positive activities in a detached youth work setting. On the streets, there is something for both new and experienced workers, including ideas for team building, arts & crafts to deliver issue based work on the street.

Learning outcomes

Participants will:

  • Consider what ‘detached youth work’ is and how it differs from other youth work.
  • Explore the differences between detach, outreach and mobile work.
  • Consider ways to engage with young people and assess need.
  • Explore the process of mapping, setting targets and evaluating street projects.
  • Suggest a framework for detached projects.
  • Explore effective ways to engage young people in street projects through positive activities.
  • Offer ideas to stimulate discussion amongst young people and develop creative youth work programmes.
  • Provide a mini resource pack to quick, cheap and easy-to-use ideas.
  • Share and promote god practice based on “what works”

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